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Our Top Travel Tips For 2023

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Our Top Travel Tips For 2023

As this year comes to a close, you may reflect and find that you did not fulfill your resolution to travel more. Or, perhaps you did meet this resolution and are ready to travel even more in the new year. Whatever the case may be, traveling and exploring new places in the U.S. and abroad are some of the best things that you can do. Traveling helps you connect closer with family and friends, create lifelong memories, and maybe even discover a new place you might like to move to. At Solé Inn and Suites, we are experts at hosting travelers, so here are some of our top travel tips for 2023.


Travel Domestically

International destinations are very trendy especially among travel influencers on social media. However, our tip is to travel domestically. Not only will you save money on domestic flights, there are plenty of hidden gems, like historic downtown Pensacola, right here in the U.S.


Always Book At A Boutique Hotel

As a boutique hotel ourselves, we know the level of dedication and service that boutique hotels are committed to providing. There really is no experience like having a small, passionate group of workers who have made it their dream to create a beautiful travel experience for you. Boutique hotels typically have more personalized accommodations, and because of their often smaller size, are typically located closer to the action of the city.


Find A City That Fits You

Too often we travel to places because we feel like we should go, rather than really wanting to go. This can lead to a less than thrilling vacation. When it comes to traveling in 2023 follow your heart and find a city that meshes with you. Take into consideration your tolerance of crowds, hotel prices, and what kind of activities you enjoy doing in a new city.


Avoid Rental Home Fees

While short term rental homes used to be a much more affordable option, nowadays they often come with expensive cleaning fees, obscure service fees, and homeowners that will give you a low guest rating for no reason. When traveling in 2023 opt for a hotel, not only will cleaning and service be included, but you will also have amenities like a pool, free complimentary breakfast, and at the Solé Inn and Suites, a complimentary happy hour!


Location Is Everything

When making your travel plans for 2023, our biggest tip is to consult with locals about the location of where you are staying. While a neighborhood may look nice, centrally located, and affordable, sometimes things can be too good to be true. Most cities have a Facebook group or subreddit for happenings in that city, which is worth posting on to see what the locals think about the neighborhood you might be staying in.


Book Directly Through The Hotel

Lastly, one of the best tips that we can give you for traveling in 2023 and beyond is to always book your room directly through the hotel. While other travel sites may advertise special deals or slightly lower prices, they are not worth it. This is because, if there happens to be a problem with your stay, the hotel cannot fix the problem, only the company you booked the room with can. If you book your room through the hotel, you can simply go to the front desk and have them fix the issue, but, if you book through a third party website, you will have to deal with their customer service. Simplify your 2023 trip and book directly through the hotel you are going to be staying at.


If you are looking to travel in 2023, a must-go destination is the Solé Inn and Suites in Pensacola, Florida. Just steps away from all the action in downtown Pensacola, and just a short drive to beautiful Pensacola Beach, Solé Inn and Suites is the best place to stay when visiting gorgeous and historic Pensacola. Call or book your reservation online today.


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