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Why Pensacola Is The Perfect Holiday Destination

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Why Pensacola Is The Perfect Holiday Destination

Why Pensacola Is The Perfect Holiday Destination

With temperatures falling, in some places very drastically, the last few months of the year have most people dreaming of the longer, sunnier, and warmer days of the summer months. For folks who are not such a big fan of the winter months, but don’t want to spend the money and time to travel to the tropics for the holidays, Pensacola offers the perfect travel solution. Pensacola is just warm enough during the holidays to allow you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the season, without freezing in the cold. Let’s take a look at a few more reasons why Pensacola is the perfect holiday destination.


Pensacola Weather Allows You To Enjoy The Holidays, Without The Winter Chill

When picking your holiday destination, it is important to find the perfect middle ground of somewhere that is still warm and enjoyable, but not so warm that the temperature takes you out of the seasonal mood. During the late fall and early winter months, Pensacola experiences extremely mild temperatures, typically ranging from the low 70s to the high 50s and dipping slightly below that at night. These mild temperatures make it fun and enjoyable to be outside and explore the city on your holiday vacation. Additionally, as the end of November marks the end of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, the weather will likely be bright and sunny which is a much-needed break from the gray and gloomy winters elsewhere. These perfect weather conditions make Pensacola the ideal holiday destination.


Pensacola Has The Perfect Christmas Village

When it comes to holiday destinations, really one of the main reasons to pick the perfect one is the quality of the Christmas decorations, and Pensacola delivers in the decoration department. Every year Pensacola uses an estimated 500,000 Christmas lights to light up the downtown neighborhood in a festive mood. These lights are perfectly draped over old oak trees and historic wrought iron balconies that line Palafox Street and can be seen throughout downtown. But the one feature that makes Pensacola the perfect holiday destination is the downtown historic village that looks like something out of a holiday card. Complete with a town square, a bright white church, and beautiful old mansions, the Pensacola Historic Village is an ideal place for families to explore this holiday season.


Off Season Rates

While summer vacations in Pensacola cause huge crowds to flock to the beach, typically the winter months are dedicated to the city’s diehard fans, leaving much more room for you to secure a fantastic off-season hotel rate. With the holiday season already as expensive as it is, with gift buying, upcharge flights, and high shipping prices, why not save a little extra money and still be able to enjoy a beautiful holiday destination? Often it is better to book at boutique hotels, as they can more flexibly offer a better off-season rate, rather than chain hotels that have their prices locked in.


Pensacola Has A Great Nightlife In The Winter

Lastly, if you are looking for the perfect holiday destination with enough fun nightlife to keep you entertained all season long, Pensacola is the destination for you. Whether you prefer rocking out to a concert at Vinyl Music Hall, dancing the night away at Seville Quarter, or just enjoying a quiet drink at one of the city’s craft cocktail bars, Pensacola has the nightlife vibe for you. If you’re not looking to stay out too late, take advantage of Pensacola’s excellent theater scene. Typically The Saenger Theatre as well as The Pensacola Little Theatre offer holiday-themed plays, concerts, and musicals.


If you are looking to make Pensacola your warm weather destination this holiday season, you have to stay at the Solé Inn and Suites. Located on Palafox Street in the heart of downtown Pensacola, the Solé Inn and Suites provides the perfect holiday destination to host your friends and family this holiday season. Reserve your rooms online or by calling today.


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