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Thank you for your loyal continued support through the years. We look forward to continuing the outstanding customer service that we offer our guests at Sole’ as well as a clean, comfortable, SAFE place for your lodging needs while in Pensacola. We are continuing to do our part in following CDC guidelines. Our continental breakfast is being offered again as well as our daily “happy hour” . We look forward to serving you again and thank you for choosing us.

Why You Need To Book With A Boutique Hotel

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Why You Need To Book With A Boutique Hotel

With the number of chain hotels and motels out there, many people are intimidated when it comes to booking a boutique hotel. Chain hotels promise a nearly identical experience at each location that customers have become familiar and comfortable with. However, that comfort zone is often home to a subpar hotel experience, especially when compared to the personal care and attention to detail found at a boutique hotel. At Solé Inn and Suites, we firmly believe that boutique hotels are the way to go, to have a relaxing and exciting stay. Let’s take a look at some more reasons why you need to book with a boutique hotel.


Individualized Service

While chain hotels are often crowded with guests and have a rotating staff that won’t remember you, boutique hotels are usually much smaller and have a more attentive staff. At a boutique hotel, you are much more likely to have your individual needs met by staff that is dedicated to providing you with the best stay possible. Whether it be help planning dinner reservations, recommendations on local activities, or even just directions around town, boutique hotels are exponentially more invested in providing individualized service and ensuring that our guests have an excellent visit.


Attention To Detail

In addition to individualized service, boutique hotels have much greater attention to detail. With so many guests, and a staff that are always coming in and out, it can be easy for chain hotels to not provide the attention to detail that turns a so-so stay into a great stay. Boutique hotels often try to anticipate the guest’s needs to provide an excellent experience and show that they care about the guest’s visit. It is these small details that make a world of difference and completely change the quality of a hotel stay.


Helpful And Knowledgeable Staff

Another aspect of boutique hotels that set us apart from chain hotels, is that we pride ourselves on the helpful nature of our staff. At most hotels, a concierge or front desk person is the only staff member who can help guests get what they need. However, at a boutique hotel, our staff members are active members of the community and can help recommend activities, restaurants, and sights to see in the area. In Pensacola especially, it is so helpful to have a boutique hotel staff of locals who know all the best spots to eat, drink and have fun.


High-Quality Amenities

While most chain hotels provide standard amenities, boutique hotels go above and beyond to give their guests products and amenities they will enjoy. Many boutique hotels use local or small batch shampoos and conditioners, and some even go so far as to provide high-end products in the showers. Additionally, some boutique hotels have exciting amenities not seen at chain hotels, like Solé Inn and Suites’ complimentary happy hour with beer, wine, and snacks from 5-7 PM daily.


Unique and Historic Accommodations

Finally, booking with a boutique hotel often allows you to stay in a unique and historic building that has been a hotel for many years, or has recently been converted into one. While chain hotels are usually no more than 40 years old and built to look generic, boutique hotels can be in anything from a 19th Century Victorian mansion, to a converted industrial building, to a modern all-glass mountain villa and everything in between. At the Solé Inn and Suites, we are proud of our history as a unique, mid-century haven built-in 1958, and beautifully restored to its atomic age glory.


If you are looking to book a unique, boutique hotel experience in Pensacola, you have to book with Solé Inn and Suites. Located in the heart of Pensacola’s bustling downtown, Solé Inn and Suites is perfectly situated as a peaceful oasis in the hustle and bustle of Pensacola’s nightlife. Call now or book a reservation online and stay at a top-notch, upper-level boutique hotel. 

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